August 30, 2022

The technology company Apple has surpassed a million consumers with its innovative products. It is no surprise since it is also built with unique features that are a must-have nowadays. Moreover, iOS is one of the leading mobile operating systems made by Apple Inc. It is the operating system that powers a multitude of Apple’s mobile devices, including the iPhone. Several iPhone Avid fans believe the iOS service provides more than its primary roles.

If you own an iPhone, you may know how to take amazing photos and check notifications, but you may have overlooked various surprising and valuable features. Security features like how to stop sharing location iPhone, or perhaps tricks such as a camera document scanner.  Here is the list of handy iOS features, particularly on iPhone, which may be helpful daily. Read till the end, and know its benefits to you.

1.  Personalize Photos for Incoming Calls

The catchy tune of incoming calls on the iPhone makes it unique from the mobile brands. You can also change it with your desired ringtone. Moreover, not only can you set the ringtone, but you can personalize photos for incoming calls. That’s the fun part! It helps you to know right away who’s calling. You can access it by tapping the Phone icon, then Contacts, and selecting the person you want to assign a photo to. Select Edit, then Add Photo. When they call you again, you’ll be greeted with a picture.


You can display a full-screen photo of the person who is calling you. You’ll see a picture of Mom when she calls. If you’re feeling perky, you can include ridiculous photos of your friends.

2. Search Things You Need Anytime and Anywhere Using Spotlight

When you are in a hurry, this feature is helpful. It can find the things and facts you need on your phone and on the Internet. Spotlight Search searches your entire iOS device, including your movie collection, music, contacts, email, and web and App Store results. All you have to do is to swipe your finger left to right on the first page of the Home screen to access Spotlight Search.


The results of a Spotlight Search for a TV show which episodes are available on Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes. You’ll also find cast lists, games, websites, and other results related to the show you’re looking for. Moreover, this feature helps you to save time browsing your device’s music library. Spotlight Search allows you to look for the song or band’s name instead of opening the Music app and scrolling through a long list for a specific item.

3.  Store Photos Privately

Your photos are private since you can control who can only access your phone. But what if you want to show off your getaway photos but don’t want your friends and family to see specific images? It is another excellent example of an iPhone feature you’ll need.


Keep your photos private by selecting Photos. Choose the images you want to hide, tap Share and then Hide. These photos will then be accessible in your hidden folder within Albums. You can, later on, unhide it by repeating the process. The different thing is to tap the unhide button to move to your display Albums.

4. Allow Siri to Address You by Your Nickname

Siri uses your Apple ID and contact information unless you change it or create a nickname. Siri will always call you by the name displayed there. Perhaps you’ve always gone by another name or disliked your given name, luckily this feature allows you to change the name Siri will use to refer to you, making it much more personal.


After saying, “Hey Siri,” tell Siri, “Call me by a nickname,” Siri will ask you what you want to be called, then state your nickname. Siri will confirm your pronunciation, and you’re ready to go! It is great to hear when your  Voice-command Assistant gets your name right. Pretty impressive.

5. Do Not Disturb Feature

You sometimes can’t use your phone, especially while driving. The authorities increase penalties for using phones while driving, and this iOS feature helps to avoid these instances.


The Do Not Disturb button is helpful to keep you from becoming distracted if you receive a message or a phone call. It prevents notifications, texts, and other distractions from interrupting you while driving or during your nap. You can also send customized messages to senders you specify automatically. To enable it, all you have to do is select Settings and then tap Do Not Disturb. It saves you a bunch!

Final Thoughts

Indeed, these helpful hidden iPhone features,  shortcuts, and tricks are a great help to simplify one’s daily routine. It is also practical for everyday use.


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