April 20, 2021

Cano Estremera was one of the greatest salsa vocalists on the planet, he died on 28 October 2020 because of numerous medical issues remembering difficulties for his lung and legs.

Estremera was one of the greatest salsa vocalists on the planet and had made different collections that sold a huge number of duplicates everywhere in the world.

During the later long periods of his life, he had battled with recapturing strength in his legs and was going through treatment.

NameCano Estremera
Birthday2 September 1958
Age62 (at the time of death)
NationalityPuerto Rican
ProfessionSinger; Performer
WifeYamira Arce
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10 Realities About Cano Estremera

  • Cano Estremera was brought into the world on 2 September 1958 and was 62 years of age at the hour of his passing.
  • He was hitched to a lady named Yamira Arce. She had been his significant other for a ton of years. As per different sources, he didn’t have any youngsters.
  • His Wiki page is as yet being refreshed however you can find out about the previous salsa star in this article.
  • Estremera’s family is lamenting his misfortune and his better half had given a public assertion bidding farewell to her significant other.
  • As per different memoirs of the star, he had been in the music business for over 37 years.
  • In that time, he delivered in excess of 10 collections which have made millions from record deals.
  • He was an amazing vocalist and died from different ailments. He had a condition called aspiratory fibrosis, which influences pale-skinned person individuals.
  • The star likewise went through a double lung relocate on 2 November 2018. The medical procedure was a triumph yet he had lost a ton of his solidarity after his medical procedure.
  • After a ton of unexpected issues, he died on October 28, 2020, at 62 years old. He was in San Juan Puerto Rico.
  • His last studio collection was ‘Puerto Rican Bosses, La Historia de la Salsa’ delivered in 2003 for his 20 years in the big time.
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