February 8, 2021

The Avani Gregg TikTok family is one of the stages’ generally famous and adored gatherings. The gathering comprises 3 sisters, in particular, Avani Gregg, Shanti Gregg, and Priya Gregg. Avani Gregg’s family has amassed a great many watchers and fans on the web.

They have become TikTok’s most cute family who has gotten the desired checked and style symbol identifications. While still youthful, they have been dynamic on the stage for over 6 years. Find out about the sisters who are known as the relatives of web-based media hotshot Avani Gregg otherwise known as the most youthful individual from Hype House in 2020.

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Avani came into the spotlight when she was only 14 years of age and has gotten one of the top makers on the planet with regards to TikTok. We as a whole know a great deal about Avani Gregg, so we should meet her senior sister Shanti Greggand Younger sister Priya Gress.

Shanti Gregg: Age and Facts

Shanti Gregg is the most established of the Gregg sisters and is 19 years of age as of September 2020. She was brought into the world on October 4, 2000. She was brought up in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

The model has a place with Mixed identity and has Indian, African-American, and Mongolian legacy. Her mom Anisha Gregg is from India and she is on the Indian-Mongolian side of her nationality. As indicated by Familytron, Anisha was brought into the world on April 26, 1973, and she filled in as a local organizer in a drug organization. Likewise, Shanti’s dad is African-American. Furthermore, she has 2 more youthful sisters, Priya and Avani.

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Shanti Gregg’s Also An Instagram Model and TikToker

This sister is an Instagram star and a model with an immense after on the web. She has in excess of 142,000 devotees on Instagram and she does the greater part of her demonstrating on the stage.

She has been dynamic on Instagram since March 2017 and her devotee base has developed enormously. She is likewise an installation on TikTok where she posts comical improv show. The star has amassed near 1,000,000 adherents on TikTok.

Her recordings on the stage consistently highlight her sisters. Aside from satire, the principal subject of her record on TikTok is dance and lip-sync. She is a fan top pick and has additionally accumulated over 22.7 million likes on TikTok.

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Is Shanti Gregg Dating Anyone?

According to numerous online reports, she is dating somebody named Colin however she was shot with Tyler Pauley in Los Angeles, California in late 2019.

Aside from this, she is yet to uncover any data with respect to her own life and love life. She has additionally not said anything regarding plans to get hitched. Starting in 2020, she has not formally affirmed her relationship with anybody, she has worked together with numerous big-name TikTokers.

Priya Gregg: Age and realities

The most youthful one of the Gregg family, she was brought into the world on March 29, 2006, and is only 14 years of age as of September 2020. She has a place with a group of web-based media stars and is the most recent part to join Instagram.

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She additionally has a YouTube channel, however, has not posted any substance on the stage. In like manner, she additionally began an Instagram account in 2020. While she is additionally a rising star, she is yet to arrive at the ubiquity of her sisters.

Actually, she is most popular as the sister of Avani and Shanti. Like them, she likewise has a Mixed nationality.


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