December 3, 2022

If your parents are getting on in age, yet still live independently, you obviously keep in touch and visit whenever you can; in the event one of your parents is living alone, this can be worrisome. It is perfectly natural for elderly people to want to retain their independence and in this article, we offer a few tips to help you support your ageing parents.

  1. Make best use of digital technology – If you teach your mother or father how to use Messenger, Skype or Line, you can enjoy video calls. It costs nothing and you will have peace of mind, knowing that they are fine and in good health; from their perspective, it is always nice to hear from your children. If your parents don’t have smartphones, why not buy a Samsung and introduce them to the digital world; there are many health apps that they could download.
  2. Buy a personal alarm for seniors – The latest generation of personal alarms for seniors tick all the boxes and should they ever be in need of assistance, they have a button to press. There are many features such as a fall detection system and a choice between a device that is worn around the neck and one that is placed in the home. Aside from monitoring, the device gives access to real-time doctors for medical advice, which means your parents don’t need to visit their GP when they have a few questions about their health.
  3. Visit often – While you can share video calls, it isn’t the same as face-to-face contact and although your parents might not say that they miss you, the chances are they probably do. You could arrange a day out as a surprise if they are always at home; they might not get out enough and you can ask them where they would like to go. If your dad plays golf, why not take him to a driving range for some practice and if that goes well, book a slot to play the following Sunday.
  4. Invite them to stay with you – As we get older, we tend to spend more time at home and rather than visiting your parents next month, why not prepare the guest room and invite them to spend Xmas with you and your family? Better still, you can build a stand-alone extension on your property where mum and dad can stay for as long as they wish; there will come a day when they need basic living assistance and planning for the future is a wise move. If you have been through a period of inactivity and would like to start a fitness program, click here.
  5. Bring fresh fruit – It is the thought that counts, as we all know, and bringing fresh fruit is a great way to make sure mum and dad are eating the right things. Another way to do this is contact a local organic farm and have them make a weekly delivery to your parent’s home.
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If you have a busy work schedule and are the head of the family, it can be difficult to find the time to spend with your parents and their health & well-being are obviously paramount.


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