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July 18, 2022



Software document management is an essential component of any successful business as it helps them organize, collect, and store important documents for a variety of different purposes. A quality document management system lets any organization better create and keep track of important business data. File editing programs can also help in the effective creation, storage, and accessibility of documents that are produced daily for a variety of purposes. There are many different types of PDF tools and edit PDF services online and users can choose one that best suits their particular needs.


The Uses of Document Editing and Management Software

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The reasons document control software is so essential are too numerous to list, but they include things like proper record-keeping, streamlined document creation, and filing, digitization of paper documents, and analytical tools. But there are many more reasons why file editing programs are important to any successful business.


A quality document management system can help a business improve things like productivity, while also providing decision-makers with essential data on things like click-through rates, time spent on page, and the progress of certain teams within a project. Managers can monitor the success of content pieces through the analytical sphere that many different document management programs offer.

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Essential Document Editing Features for Teams


Collaboration is yet another defining feature of document editing and management software. Many organizations, small and large, depend on document control software to help make collaboration between different teams and departments easier and more productive. Teams can share their files over the platform and work on them together and in real-time.


There are ways to highlight and annotate PDFs with a document editing program that makes it easy to improve and edit important company files or documents. Users can share these documents, save them in the company drive and export them to other platforms or even convert them to another file type.

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Many new software document management systems also feature cloud services. Organizations can upload their significant amount of documents to a safe and secure server that is also universally accessible to anyone, from anywhere. Cloud services may come at an additional cost but they are now a common expense to add whenever thinking about how much editing costs.


Best Document Editing Software of 2022


Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office has become so ubiquitous that people forget that it is essentially a suite of software management tools to create and edit different types of documents. The most commonly used documents are from the suite’s three main programs, namely, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Outlook is also another standard program but it serves other purposes.



The three document formats are extremely versatile and adaptable to many different purposes, which is why they have become standard software for many large, medium-sized, and small organizations. The suite has also added cloud services to its impressive list of offerings, with OneDrive being the main platform for businesses to store their important business documents.


Adobe Document Cloud


The Acrobat software is also widely-used across many different fields and industries given the popularity of the PDF format. But aside from the many different PDF editors that come with an Adobe bundle, the company now offers cloud services to its clients and lets them access company files from everywhere.

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Since the PDF format is the way most organizations create and share files, having Adobe software makes it easier for businesses to share files with other companies. Not only that, but you can also use the program’s PDF tools to edit and annotate documents or merge, split, and combine them or convert files into the PDF format and vice-versa.


Lumin PDF


Lumin PDF is a PDF editing program that lets users collaborate, annotate and edit important PDF files with a variety of different PDF tools. The program is available for both online and offline use since it comes in a downloadable version for both Windows and Mac. There is also a mobile version of the app so you can open, view, and send PDFs anywhere.

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Lumin also has a suite of collaborative tools to help teams manage, create and annotate important documents. The program can easily sync with cloud-based platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive to help businesses store, save and collaborate on documents from anywhere. Businesses can also use the conversion and compression feature to help reduce the size of files or send them to different directories if necessary.



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