February 4, 2021

Tiana Gia Johnson is an extremely well known 2-year-old young lady from the USA. More often than not, 2-year-olds don’t get that popular however when you are the third girl of the genius Dwayne The Rock Johnson, you are certainly going to stand out as truly newsworthy. That is the thing that occurred with Tiana.

The Rock imparted pictures of himself to her girl on Instagram and had an ardent inscription about the amount he adored his little girl. Not a great deal is thought about Tiana however there isn’t that a lot to know all things considered. I surmise eating and dozing is the thing that she does most yet she had added the bliss in The Johnson family which is truly justifiable.

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NameTiana Gia Johnson
BirthdayApril 17, 2018
Height2 feet approx.
ParentsDwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian
SiblingsSimone and Jasmine Johnson

10 Facts On Tiana Gia Johnson

  • Tiana Gia Johnson was brought into the world on April 17, 2018, which makes her only 2 years of age starting at 2020.
  • She has destined to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Lauren Hashian. Dwayne has commented that he could just make girls and he cherished the entirety of his little girls which is sweet.
  • Gian has 2 more seasoned sisters in particular Simone Alexandra Johnson and Jasmine Lia Johnson. They don’t have a great deal old enough holes and I trust they will be closest companions just as sisters.
  • As she is only 2 years of age, I’d state Tiana remains at a little tallness. Roughly around 2 feet since that is the thing that appears to be conceivable.
  • We have no clue about what her net worth is as she is only 2 yet her dad Dwayne johnson is worth $280 million.
  • Tiana is single and presumably will be for an exceptionally lengthy timespan. Her future beau or sweetheart must dazzle Dwayne and that is testing.
  • Tiana doesn’t utilize Instagram.
  • She truly is cute as most 2-year-olds are nevertheless she likewise has an incredible inspiration and ally as her father.
  • We have no clue about her weight and other actual estimations yet she appears to have a solid weight.
  • She is American and white as far as nationality.
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