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May 16, 2022

Golden Temple is one of the best tourist
attractions in the Indian state of Punjab. It is just 28 kilometres from International
Borders and has the holiest Gurudwara Golden Temple. It is a preeminent
spiritual site of Sikhs worldwide. Every year, lakhs of Sikh and Non-Sikh
people come to Amritsar to visit Golden Temple. But how does Amritsar
accommodates such a large number of people?

Well, like in other cities there are so many hotels
in Amritsar. Amritsar Hotels accommodates a large number of tourists every year comfortably. In
this blog post, we will mention a few of the best hotels in Amritsar where you
can stay and pray for blessings from the Golden Temple.

Best Hotels near Golden Temple:

  1. Vrinda Apartments: This hotel is situated near Golden Temple. It is just 0.5 kilometres
    away from Golden Temple. Also, it is nearly situated to Jaliawala
    Bagh. So by staying at this hotel you can
    travel to the major tourist spots of Amritsar. The price for one room for 24
    hours at this hotel is Rs. 1,650. 
  • 4N Homestay: Probably this is the nearest stay option to Golden Temple. It is
    situated at a distance of 100 meters from the Golden Temple. It is the best
    option to stay in Amritsar for visit to Golden Temple. The price for one room
    for 24 hours at this hotel is Rs. 1,499.
  • Hotel Heaven View: The name says it all. This hotel has a view of the Golden temple from
    it. Also, it is just 200 meters away from the Golden Temple and therefore makes
    it a perfect stay option. The price for one room for 24 hours at this hotel is
    Rs. 1,925.
  • Hotel Info: Situated at a distance of 100 meters from Golden Temple, it is the best
    place for tourists to stay. It has spacious rooms and the best food. The price
    for 24 hours for one room in this hotel is just Rs.2,000 which is very
    reasonable considering the facilities provided.
  • Hotel S.S. Royal: Another great option for visitors to stay in Amritsar. Golden Temple is
    400 meters away from this hotel. The surroundings of the hotel are also good
    and give positive vibes to its customers. If you are visiting Amritsar with
    your family, then it is the best hotel for you. The price for one room for 24
    hours at this hotel is Rs. 2,100. 
  • Hotel Le Golden: This is a hotel with a great ambience. It is distanced 200 meters from
    the Golden Temple. When Amritsar is flooded with tourists, you might not be
    able to get a room in this hotel. So book a room in advance in this hotel. The
    price for one room for 24 hours at this hotel is Rs. 2,400. 
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These are the best few options near Golden Temple to stay. There are other hotels as well, but we have filtered the best ones for our readers. These hotels follow Covid norms like employees have to wear masksat all times.

We wish you all the best for your visit to Golden
Temple. May your trip be successful. 


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