February 8, 2021

How Long Is xQc Restricted For? xQc is a popular Canadian gamer and jerk liner. xQc is one of the most youthful and gifted gamers in the Canadian esports industry. Inside a limited ability to focus time, xQc has acquired himself a lot of adherents everywhere in the world. He had right around 4 million adherents on his jerk account and was perhaps the most elevated worker in the nation.

Net Worth$4Million
Married/SingleIn a Relationship

xQc is as of late on the feature after he was restricted by Jerk. He was restricted from the internet web-based stage for a half year and he could even stream a solitary game. xQc was stream cutting in the game Fall Folks which at last drove him to be restricted and even lose his triumphant cash from the game.

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10 Realities on xQc:

  • xQc is prohibited from the internet gaming web-based stage and will be suspended from it for a half year as of November 14, 2020.
  • xQc was brought into the world on November 12, 1995, in Laval, Quebec, Canada.
  • His age starting in 2020 is actually 25 years of age as his 25th birthday celebration was only seven days prior.
  • xQc was prohibited for stream killing the fall folks against their adversaries DrLupo, Cover, and Tyler1.
  • His genuine name is Félix Lengyel anyway he is well known after his stage and game name xQc.
  • In his jerk account, he had in excess of 4 million adherents starting in 2020 anyway his record isn’t accessible at this point.
  • He is accessible on his Instagram account @xqcow1 where he has more than 282k devotees.
  • His net worth starting in 2020 is in excess of 4 million dollars including his procuring from internet web-based and brand bargains.
  • xQc is as of now involved with Proficient anyway he hasn’t been public about their relationship yet.
  • In spite of being a celebrated web-based media faculty, he hasn’t uncovered much about his own life, yet he has highlighted his folks on his online media handle and streaming stage.
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