March 23, 2022

Keeping things in the bedroom organised is challenging, especially since it is human nature to acquire items over time without really knowing their purpose. However, since a neat and clean space is key to your peace of mind, we give you helpful tips to maintain order in your oasis and truly make it such.


1. Make your bed every day

Some people tend to overlook the simple task of making the bed and arranging pillows and sheets neatly when it could mean a lot to your bedroom’s vibe if you do so. Make it a habit to do the basic, positioning everything the way you want to make the subsequent use enjoyable. When you make the bed, you are doing the first step to keeping things organised in your room. Spending three to five minutes of tucking and folding after you wake up will inspire and motivate you to pick up the rest of the clutter before you go.

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2. Wipe and sweep

The best way to start a clean slate is to let go of dust, dirt, and grime build-up. First, you need to do regular wiping of surfaces and sweeping the floor or even vacuuming to keep your space nice and clean. Do regular cleaning as often as you can, every day if possible. Then, schedule a deep clean that will make you look beyond the surfaces and keep up with unsightly stains.


3. Discard your rubbish

As you go around the room, hunting down dirt, you must also evaluate your belongings, keeping items you still use and doing away with things you no longer need. Clutter makes your room look and feel chaotic. When you do this, be ready with a couple of bins to take your trash for items you can donate to others and those you can make money from. Why is it important to segregate your clutter? Because that’s the way to distinguish what’s valuable and what’s trash. Sometimes, things in your junk are still workable and could still be utilised in another household or even a community centre. You could donate those. For broken or seriously damaged items beyond repair, look into their components. For all you know, there might be a recyclable material you can exchange for cash.

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Find out more about hard rubbish collection by visiting WM Waste Management Services.

4. Organise your storage

Do you know the most challenging part of organising things? It is not having enough storage. Check to get inspiration or two on how to maximise your floor space with bespoke wardrobes. They have the most convenient and efficient storage solutions, especially if your room is tight. Fitted wardrobes use every available area, including nooks and crevices, to provide the best storage features without compromising style. Then, when you already have the closets up, take time to arrange things in them, not just dump everything you want to keep out of sight. Fitted wardrobes make the room look neat, but you can further the benefit if you ensure the items are properly arranged inside. So it seems heavenly whether they are closed or open.

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5. Prune your clothes

Unfortunately, even if you have enough closet space, you may not be using them correctly, which hurts the tranquillity in your bedroom. Clothes are likely to pile up among your personal belongings even when most of them are hardly ever worn. To free up closet space and put order in your dresser, sort out your clothes. Arrange them according to the frequency of use, colour, pattern, or season. Discard those that no longer fit or you no longer see to have any use in the future. Give them away or put them up in a garage sale. You can always benefit from extra closet space and a well-organised wardrobe that will showcase your choices in a glimpse.

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Spend only on the things you need

One thing that keeps people from better bedroom organisation is their inability to distinguish the purpose of the items they acquire over time. So if you want to keep your space neat, you better start embracing the minimalist principle of keeping your focus only on things that matter. No matter how hard you try cleaning your bedroom and arranging it to keep things neat, you will always fail to achieve your goal if there is an overstock of items.

The tips and guidelines mentioned above always point to sorting, segregating, and discarding. However, you have to carefully acknowledge which of your possessions are purposeful and which are just a waste of money. When you start to master minimalism, you will also learn how to keep your purchases to only the things that matter, things that would give your hard-earned penny the best value it deserves. If you do so, you can have significant potential savings.

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Don’t just acquire things; arrange them properly

Then, there’s the trouble of finding places for your things. Some people do not have an insight on which should go where. It may not always be an issue of lacking storage but not using the available storage space efficiently. Apart from fitted wardrobes and walk-in closets, you can also use baskets, bins, racks, and other functional storage containers to keep your items categorised and assembled accordingly.

When your things are properly arranged, you can enjoy the maximum benefits. First, your room will look neat. Second, you will not cram when you need something because it is easy to find them when they have their places in your storage. Best of all, you can avoid unnecessary purchases, which often happen if your things are scattered everywhere.

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A clean and organised bedroom is the ultimate oasis. Make yours the ideal space you will love coming home to by being mindful of how many items you acquire and how you arrange them accordingly. It is not always about what or how much you have but how well you keep, store, and use them that truly matters. Your bedroom style will benefit a lot if you look beyond the urge to possess or pursue things and see them for their purpose, first and foremost.


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