January 18, 2023

The vast majority of us never really want to see any kind of medical practitioner at any point in our lives because of the fear factor and because of the unknown. We would rather stay at home and suffer quietly and in pain than to get the truth from a doctor or a physiotherapist. This is certainly the wrong way to be thinking because the longer you leave something, the worse that is probably going to get and if you had a made an appointment much earlier, maybe you wouldn’t have to go through the pain that is in front of you now.

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None of us want to be accused of being a hypochondriac and so if we do have aches and pains then we just assume that they will go away by themselves after time. If you would really like to know when it is that you should visit your physio Camberwell then maybe the following can help you to decide when would be the best time.

  • Pain is worse when you move – This usually indicates that there are some kind of mechanical problems and if your injury on your knee for example is causing you a lot of pain when you climb stairs or if you walk up steep gradients when taking part in fitness, then it sounds like you really do need to make an appointment with your local physiotherapist. If the pain is coming from your back, it might become worse when you do something simple like bending over in order to pick something up.
  • The pain doesn’t go away – As was briefly mentioned before, maybe you just want to buy your time and hopefully the pain will go away all by itself. If you are experiencing more pain however and it doesn’t seem to be getting better at all then this certainly sounds like you need to see your local physio. It is important to get some kind of assessment that will help you to better understand how long you’re going to have the pain for and if it is going to resolve itself.
  • If it is affecting your overall movement – If they discomfort is causing you to lose sleep and you are waking up in the morning with neck pain or lower back pain which stops you from going about your daily routine then it is an excellent idea to make an appointment and to go and see your local physiotherapist. They can make a detailed assessment of what is causing your pain and they can get you hopefully back on your feet again in no time at all.
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If there is a sport or pastime that you really love and an injury is preventing you from doing it then you really do need to go see a physiotherapist who can give you advice on maybe how to do the activity better so that you can avoid injuries in the first place. The above reasons are only a few of the examples where you might want to see your local physiotherapist and believe me when I tell you that there are literally many more.



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